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Deconfinement: “Am I allowed to go over 60 miles for a real estate purchase?”


Deconfinement: “Am I allowed to go over 60 miles for a real estate purchase?”

This travel has been authorized since 21 May, with proper certification and adequate supporting documentation.

Every day, Le Parisien is mobilizing to answer your questions about coronavirus, and today we are looking at a question from Jenny: “Am I allowed to go beyond 100 km, to make a property purchase? »

Since the publication of a decree to this effect in the OJ on 21 May, yes, the government has extended the list of derogations that allow the 100 km limit to be crossed legally, and the purchase of real estate is one of them.

“In order to allow French people to resume their real estate projects and to encourage the resumption of activity in the sector, removals and real estate visits outside its department and more than 100 km from his residence are now allowed,” said in a statement the Ministry of City and Housing.

Respect the barrier gestures

However, it specifies that this movement should only be made if it cannot be postponed and that “barrier gestures must of course be respected during visits and removals”. As for each journey outside the authorized perimeter, a certificate must be provided, as well as adequate justification.

The box to be ticked corresponds to case number 8: “Removals linked to a move resulting from a change of residence and journeys essential to the acquisition or rental of a property that cannot be postponed” and must be able to justify the address of departure as well as that of the property.

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